How many Facebook ads are on your Feed?

Whilst browsing Facebook one evening in May, I noted to my family how there seems to be so many ads on Facebook of late. My mum replied saying she never sees ads. I laughed, and said they will appear as promoted or sponsored posts, and that maybe she is just not noticing.

She was adamant that she was not getting any ads. I checked her Facebook feed on her iPhone, and alas, there were no ads. What the!?

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I switched from a MacBook Pro to a Surface Pro 3 – One Month In

One month ago, my wife’s laptop died overnight with no sign of life. Both my wife and I have been using MacBook Air or Pro for the last 5 years. She usually gets a hand-me-down when I upgrade every 2 years. The most recent set up prior the incident was my wife using a 2013 MacBook Pro 13″ Retina, with my system being a 2015 MacBook Pro 13″ Retina (MBP). This has now changed. Continue reading

Bulk Resize of Images using Terminal in Mac

I recently tried to bulk resize several hundred large photos in OS X Preview. This repeatedly failed (spinning wheel of death).

In search of a method to resize these images, I found an easy way using Terminal.

  1. Open up your Terminal app (can open Spotlight and search terminal).
    1. cd into the desired image directory (e.g. if they are in your Pictures directory, you may: type “cd Pictures/”).
  2. Enter “sips -Z 1500 *.jpg” (with no “” marks).
  3. Press enter. It will output every .jpg file in the directory you are in into a max of 1500 width or height.

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