Software Update and Reset for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4

Update to the latest software and reset your GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+ or Hero 4 just by using your microSD card. Simply download the file, unzip and copy to your microSD card to update and reset the software.


(files latest as of 5 April 2015).

How to Guide:

  • Download the file for your specific GoPro model (the list of files is above).
  • Insert the microSD card into your computer (using a microSD to SD adaptor or microSD to USB adaptor). NOTE: The microSD card does NOT need to be formatted, you can keep your current recordings on the card.
  • Unzip the file on your computer.
  • Copy the files to the microSD card.
    • For the GoPro Hero 3+ and Hero 4, the files need to be in a folder called “UPDATE”. Make sure you copy the folder to the card. It will not work if the files are not in the UPDATE folder.
    • For the GoPro Hero 3, the files need to be in the root directory of the card, NOT in a folder. Copy the files directly to your card, not in a folder. It will not work if the files are in a folder.
  • Eject the microSD card from your computer.
  • Insert the card into your GoPro whilst the camera is off.
  • Turn on the GoPro, it will come up with a screen saying it is updating, and turn itself off when complete.
  • Your GoPro is now reset to with the latest software version and the WiFi password is also reset to “goprohero”

91 thoughts on “Software Update and Reset for GoPro Hero 3, 3+ and 4

  1. I am confused you are stating for Hero 3+ V.3.10 but the GoPro pages says this is the latest:
    Quote: “HERO3+ Silver Edition v03.02 | September 2, 2015”

    Where did you receive a newer one than what GoPro is offering?


  2. Owen,

    You are awesome!! Thank you so very much.

    I took my (3 year old and until now unused) Hero 3+ silver out of its box for the first time and thought to myself, I should update the firmware – Huge mistake.

    2 hours on the phone with Go Pro support yesterday – end result? “Must be a hardware fault” and an offer to return my camera in exchange for a 20% discount on a replacement!

    What occurs to me is that if I was able to find this blog in under 3 hours of looking for a solution and solve my issue, those fuckers at Go Pro must be incompetent at the very least, more likely quite immoral and unethical in their efforts to sell replacement camera’s.

    After this experience with Go Pro, I will never again buy a Go Pro product, which is sad because it appears to be a great device. However, given this experience, I’d buy a Go Pro knock off for 20% of the cost of the Go Pro device from here on in – Never again will I support Go Pro,


  3. I have a GoPro Hero 3+ Silver I am trying to reset the WiFi on – Of course the files from GoPro do not work but these do – sort of… They update the firmware correctly and they reset the WiFi to GoProHero – but my iPhone just spins when trying to connect to the GoProHero WiFi. I never get a password prompt. It’s close but not working yet.

    Any thoughts?


    1. Hi Kevin,

      I had a similar experience.

      I left the phone overnight and tried again the following morning and it immediately prompted for the password. I used the “goprohero” password and was then able to connect. I then used the GoPro app to change/reset the SSID and password….

      I am guessing that there is possibly some kind of network caching happening in the phone handset as I’ve seen similar issues with other networks. I’d try leaving it for 12-24 hours and then try to connect once more using the “connect a camera” function in the GoPro app.


  4. Thanks for the tip – I did try after some time and FINALLY was able to connect! The iPhone software then successfully updated back to the latest software and I have WiFi access again!

    Interestingly enough after the first agent I chatted with tried to tell me since my SD card wasn’t on the supported list that was the problem – the second one pointed me here directly. It appears their solution to the issue is to refer to this page.


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